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What does it mean when your check engine light is on?

Your check engine light is your vehicle's way of letting you know that something isn't right. The check engine light usually has to do with something related to the major components of your vehicle. It can, however, go on for other reasons. There are a lot of codes that can come up when your vehicle is scanned.

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2017 Hyundai Azera: Vouge

If more than a few heads turn when you pull up to the party in your new Hyundai Azera, don't be surprised. Why? Because, frankly, your friends have probably never seen anything like it. Thanks to a striking profile and integrated LED lighting scheme, you should be ready to answer a few questions about your awesome new car.
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Enjoy the Perfect Dog-Friendly Road Trip with These Necessities

There are a lot of awesome activities we love to do during the summer and, if you ask us, almost all of them can be made better with the companionship of your beloved dog! If you have a road trip planned and are bringing your four-legged furry friend with you, the experts at Petcha want to make sure you have all the right items so both you and your pooch stay happy and safe. Check out our written lists of essential and optional items below or, if you'd like more detail, watch the Petcha YouTube video at the bottom…

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