The Signs Point to New Tires

There is a good reason why the tire manufacturers recommend a certain air pressure for each tire. If the tire pressure indicators are going off in your vehicle, don't ignore this sign because it could have serious consequences.

The car tires that are over-inflated will have less tread on the road and are more difficult to maneuver on slicker road surfaces. If that center line wears faster, the treads in the tire will not last as long as it should. The car tires that are under-inflated pose a whole new set of issues. Too much tread is in contact with the road surface, this increases the friction on the tread, and significantly increases the likelihood of a tire blowout. Car handling is difficult too with too much tread on the road surface.

Bring your vehicle to our Hyundai parts center so we can inspect the tire and schedule tire rotations or replace them today.

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