Learn How to Jump Start Another Car

You’re headed to your car and you notice that another driver can’t get their car started because their battery is dead. With a set of jumper cables, you can save the day by knowing how to jump start a car with the assistance of the Hyundai service team at Kuhio Hyundai.

Move your car close to the dead car. Attach the red jumper cable to the positive battery terminals in the dead car and your car. Next, attach one end of the black cable to the negative terminal in your car. Attach the other end of the black cable to a metal part in the dead car’s engine. Start your car, and after a few minutes, the other driver should be able to start their car with no trouble.

If you or someone you know is having trouble starting a car because of a dead battery, don’t hesitate to contact our service team at Kuhio Hyundai in Lihue.

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