Change Your Oil Less Regularly

If you are not sure when it is best to get your oil changed, it is a good idea to check your oil dipstick. You should be in the habit of checking your oil when you do your pre-check. Your oil should be light in color or clear. If you think that it's time to get your oil changed, be sure to come see us here at Kuhio Hyundai in Lihue, HI.

You need to keep your oil clean so that it can filter out all the contaminates that would otherwise get into the moving parts of your vehicle and cause problems. You used to have to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles but you can get away with getting it changed every 7,500 miles or so these days. That's because there are better, more efficient engines and better synthetic oils that are more efficient and that can go a lot longer without having to be changed.

We recommend you pay attention to your Hyundai user’s manual and recommended service schedule. Stop by our Hyundai service department when it’s time for an oil change and we will get it completed.

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