Hoses and Belts Keep Your Car Running

Performing your required auto maintenance regularly is important to getting the most life out of your vehicle. Of course, responsible car owners like you know that your engine oil needs to be changed and your transmission needs to be serviced. But one thing you can't forget about are all of the belts and hoses! Even though they may seem like small and rather insignificant items, they can cause a big problem if they fail on you.

Taking care of them requires little more than giving them a good visual inspection. Get a good light under the hood and check every one. Bend or squeeze them and look for large cracks or holes and any other signs of wear. If you find weak points or the hose or belt feels brittle, then you will know that it is time to change it.

If your car, truck, or SUV needs a belt and hose inspection or replacement, then bring it to our Hyundai parts and service center here at Kuhio Hyundai in Lihue.

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