What is the Transmission?

The transmission is an engine component that transfers the power generated by the engine through the gears and axles to the mechanisms that move the vehicle. It can be an automatic (the gears are shifted for you) or manual (you shift the gears) system. Most modern vehicles have an automatic transmission. Regardless of the type, it is important to keep the transmission fluid at the proper levels, and to replace the fluids at recommended intervals.

The fluid lubricates and cleans the transmission and will deteriorate over time, so it should be replaced at the times scheduled by the manufacturer for either the age of the car or the miles driven. Replacing the fluid can help prolong the life of the transmission. If you are unsure of when the transmission fluid needs replacing, bring your vehicle in to our Hyundai repair shop in Lihue, HI, and we will check the manufacturer's recommended schedule for you and provide this service and any others you may require.

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